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Deb: Goddam it, I want out of this stupid outfit.
Vince: And we'd all love to see that, Morgan.
Deb: You wouldn't know what to do, Vince.
Vince: Why don't we try it and find out?
Deb: In your dreams, Vince.
Vince: It was your turn, goody. What'd your bring me? Where is it?
Dexter: Sorry, Vince, Debbie ate your cruller.
Vince: I wish, then I could eat her jelly roll. You owe me a big doughnut, Dex.
Deb: The only big one you'll ever have.
Vince: It's not the size of the doughnut, it's the skill of the baker.
Dexter: Please, you two are going to sprain a frontal lobe. It's too early to be this clever.


Taciturn Time Traveler